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The Artist

Fresh, dynamic and bold - these are just a sample of words to describe the paintings of Sally Anne Wake Jones. Her canvases are characterized by their vibrant, fluid colours, simple shapes, and free, expressive style. She captures the tranquillity of the surrounding world; immersing us in a series of idyllic moments suspended in time, whether she portrays seascapes or landscapes.

Deriving much of her inspiration from the beautiful Cote D’Azur in France, Sally Anne’s latest series of paintings portray the dynamic atmosphere of this region with energetic brushstrokes and a radiant palette of colours. These canvases showcase her ability to convey the varying moods of the sea; vast expanses of calm water bathed in lucid light are transformed with vigorous strokes into a turbulent swell - tempered only with the stilling presence of the sailing boats. There is an alluring, almost spiritual quality to her artwork. Each canvas has a resolute stillness, as she creates a state of perfection, submerging the viewer into a haven of tranquility and peace; allowing us not only to escape the stresses and burdens of 21st Century life but additionally leaving us with a sense of inner peace.

The figures in the beach scenes, painted in oil from ‘spontaneous’ pastel sketches, are her own children, whom she depicts with the emotional intensity of a mother. Yet, there is something impersonal about her figures; staring thoughtfully into the distance or absorbed in beach activities, we rarely see their faces, and occasionally they disappear altogether - insignificant against the intense, cobalt blue sea, that dominates the canvas. We view their world as if it were a dream or fading memory. The artist is making a statement about the transient nature of such precious moments. We consistently burden ourselves with our mundane lives but forget the importance of maintaining a good quality of life.

Her landscape works depict a series of her favourite places in the Thames Valley, where she has lived for many years; the River Thames, Hampton Court and Windsor Castle, as well as the New Forest, where she enjoyed many holidays with her family. With their refreshing simplicity and piercing radiance they offer an innovative and fresh approach to landscape painting. All of these canvases have a noticeable Mediterranean influence with their different intensities of colour and sunlight. Her latest unfinished series of works are in response to a weekend in Amsterdam. They depict the defining features of Holland; windmills and Tulips.

Sally Anne Wake Jones lives in Surrey with her husband, Peter, and their four children. She works as a private tutor and has written and published a series of educational books which sell worldwide. Painting is her creative outlet - her way of escaping from the stresses of her daily life. She completed a course in art and design at London University as part of her teachers' qualification, and her work is now exhibited in galleries across the South East of England. She has had a a solo exhibition at the Century Gallery, Henley on Thames and additionally, published a series of designs for greeting cards.